At WAYBETTERTRADE, our goal is to bring financial freedom a little closer for everyone. We’ve spent over a year putting endless hours into developing our systems, algorithms, posts, and website. Everything here is homemade, all from one source.

This article will now explain to you exactly how you can best work with us. Therefore, please read everything step by step, we have also kept extra short. Welcome to your financial freedom, welcome to WAYBETTERTRADE.


Our system is based on three different components, which are perfectly coordinated to send you trading signals as quickly and accurately as possible.

Analytics software

Here, our algorithms analyze 24 hours 7 days a week the prices of various cryptocurrencies on special Japanese charts and when they trigger send a signal to our sophisticated WBT software.


This is where the buy or sell signals from our algorithms are collected, evaluated and delivered to the respective user within a few seconds, depending on his selection and the subscription booked. We simply didn’t find anything on the market that met our requirements. So our IT has created everything itself, a stable software that meets all requirements and especially our quality level.


Now it’s your turn, at the end of the chain you will receive a buy or sell signal for your  Coin selection depending on your settings and subscription.  Check the market again according to your criteria and make your decision.


You haven’t created an account yet, no problem. under the following link you can create a free account within a few seconds.

  • Since our signals will reach you by E-MAIL in the first step, please enter a mail that really reaches you. Alternatively, you can also register via Facebook or Google, but please check if the email will reach you.
  • Accept our Terms&Conditions, that’s just necessary.
  • The invitations to our regular Community Zoom Calls, as well as all updates and further developments of WAYBETTERTRADE will reach you via our newsletter. So be sure to put a check mark by: I would like to subscribe to the newsletter.
  • Complete the registration.
  • You made it, you’re in !!! A warm welcome to you.
  • Now you are immediately classified as a free user in our system. This means that you will receive a weekly overview of the signals that have been sent. If you want to receive this in real time, you need a Basic or Pro subscription.

So that our buy and sell signals can really reach you and don’t end up in SPAM, please put our sending address: signal@waybettertrade.com into your e-mail addresses right now, so that all information reaches you in time and you receive our full POWER.  


Now go directly to your profile or click the link in your mail inbox.
On your profile you can set additional preferences that will help us provide you with the best possible service.

-Profile Details

  • Email, name, password, age and country are self-explanatory.
  • Trading Behavior– Just tell us how often you like to trade, what type of trader are you?
  • Your exchange platform – If you don’t have one yet, no problem. Take a look here.
  • Do you already have experience in trading?
  • Choose the coin you want to trade. In the Free and Basic version you can select only one coin, in the PRO subscription you can select all coins.
  • Only with all the information we can provide you with our full POWER.
  • In addition, you can have a direct influence on our further development.
  • Help us to make you happy.
  • For a better world and financial freedom


  • Here you can see your current subscription and of course upgrade for even more WBT power.
  • You can pay with us very easily using PAYPAL. And again: you can quit EVERY MONTH, if you just say OK, now I have enough money and retire. ūüėČ
  • Our Free Version is time unlimited, you just get max 10. signals.


  • Here you have an overview of your previous orders.


  • You are fascinated by WAYBETTERTRADE and want to tell other people about us? Wunderbar!
  • Become an affiliate partner and help us inspire even more people.
  • We have a special affiliate program that rewards you for your work.
  • Tell your friends about us and get a reward of 5$ per payed subscription .

Join our Affiliate program here: https://waybettertrade.com/my-account/?ihc_ap_menu=affiliate


  • You’re done for the day, you’ve earned the break.
  • Log off and put your feet up.

-Delete Account

  • We can think of only one reason that would cause you to delete your account with us.
  • You are retiring. Congratulations and have a nice time.
  • We also make this step as easy as possible, with just one click.
  • But please write us why you want to go. That would be awesome.

4. Your Trading Platform

  • You have already registered with an exchange?!? Perfect, then go to point 5.
  • Are you new to crypto trading and haven’t registered with any exchange yet? Then you must first create an account on an exchange and go through the verification process. For more on this, check out our Getting Started and Crypto Exchanges posts.
  • Let’s go! Sign up for an exchange and then quickly return here.
  • Important every trusted and certified exchange needs a so-called KYC. You must verify yourself with valid document, this is for your account security and to protect your assets (and also for tax determination).
  • After verification, you now need to load some money to your exchange account and then you are ready to go.

5. our WBT signals

Our buy and sell signals currently reach you via mail, later you can also optionally choose Telegram or SMS as messaging service.

We have made the emails with our trading signals extremely short so that you know what to do quickly and clearly right away.
Most of the time, you can already tell what to do from the subject line.


The buy signal contains the following information:

  • The name of the coin.
  • The recommended purchase price in USD and EUR with a from-to price range. So before every purchase, check if the current price of the COINS is within this price range.
  • If this is not the case, you can wait a little longer and check the price again after 5 minutes. Usually you haveup to 30 minutes to execute our signal, sometimes a little longer.
  • If the price is right, then make your decision.
  • If you have specified an exchange in your profile, you can get there directly via the link provided.
  • After your purchase you only need to wait for our sell-signal.


The sell signal is structured in the same way as the buy signal and also contains the name of the respective coin, the recommended selling price and the link to the exchange. As with purchasing, the selling price we quote is only a guide.

6. Loss trades

Loss trades are part of trading. Because even the best chart analysis software is not a crystal ball and depends on the market. Our algorithms are designed and developed to get the maximum out of the market fully automatically. However, even the best signals deliver loss trades. So you can only make a profit if you stick with it long enough, preferably for at least a couple of month. Then you have definitely made profit and loss trades and you are in plus in total.

Please have a look at the performance overview, which we update monthly. Here you can see how our algorithms have performed in the past. The probability is low, but it is possible that we will send you 4 or even more trades inconsecutive sending, which will not yield a profit. It is important to follow the absolute basic rule in trading, regardless of whether you are trading with us or somewhere else.
Pick a strategy and stick with it, hang in there. Most people who don’t make a profit overall in trading simply give up after a few losses. But, you are in the winning team, you are at waybettertrade.com.

We listen to you

If you have any questions, concerns, needs or suggestions, if something important is missing or something is too much, feel free to write us your feedback.

We will evaluate everything that reaches us and continue to optimize our services. You are also welcome to participate in our regular community zoom calls and give us direct suggestions on how to improve WAYBETTERTRADE.


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