Crypto Websites You Should Know About

The crypto universe is often confusing, especially for beginners. Where do you buy what? Which coin is hot right now? What developments are going on in the market? Knowing the right sources for information is enormously important, because there are also many sites that tend to confuse you or spread FUD.

In this article we want to give you the most important websites so that you can inform yourself comprehensively and keep an overview of your crypto activities.


  1. Crypto News Websites
  2. Social Plattforms
  3. Charts and Market Insights
  4. Portfolio Management
  5. Cointracker
  6. Other Services

Crypto News Websites

In a market that changes as fast as cryptocurrencies, it’s important to stay up to date. Those who get the information first have a decisive edge and can adjust their trading strategy accordingly. When choosing the right news website, you should place great value on its independence. As in all media nowadays, this is not so easy. Here we have created an overview of the most important crypto news sites for you.

Top Crypto-News Websites

  1. Bitcoin Magazine
  2. Coindesk
  3. Cointelegraph
  4. Crypto Daily
  5. BTC Echo
  6. U.Today
  7. Cryptobriefing

Editors Pick – Cointelegraph

Coin Telegraph is a leading source of news and information on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. They have a team of reporters and editors who cover the latest news and events.

Social Media Plattforms for Crypto

Social media platforms are not only good for getting information, but also for sharing with others . While Twitter is a good platform to follow specific people and get first-hand information, Discord is the best choice to get more detailed information about a specific project and get in touch directly with the developers and supporters of a project. Without the numerous tutorials on YouTube you would be lost pretty quickly anyway, and on Reddit you can get lost in endless discussion threads.

Top Social-Media Plattforms for Crypto

  1. Twitter
  2. Reddit
  3. Discord
  4. Telegram
  5. Youtube

Editors Pick – Discord

Discord actually comes from the gaming area, but is also increasingly used as an official communication channel for crypto projects. Not without reason, because the possibilities of Discord are manifold. In addition to public and secret groups, you can also communicate directly with each other. Discord also offers a better overview than Telegram, for example, because individual groups can be subdivided by so-called channels.

Charts and Market Insights

In active trading, a charting tool is the most commonly used tool to track the price of a currency, perform technical analysis and thus set buy and sell points. Besides charting, other market or fundamental data can be used to make decisions. These include, for example, the Fear and Geed Index, or the search queries on Google. Below you will find the most important sites for charting and market analysis.

Top Chart and Maket Insights Websites

  1. Tradingview
  2. Coinmarketcap
  3. Fear and Greed Index
  4. Lookintobitcoin
  5. Google Trends
  6. Cryptowatch
  7. Bravenewcoin

Editors Pick – lookintobitcoin

Lookintobitcoin is a highly recommended site on which you can analyze different models, probably the best known is the stock-to-flow model. But there are also many other interesting indicators and analyses on the website.

Portfolio Manager

If you have more than 3 coins in your portfolio, you can quickly lose track of them. Luckily, there are great websites that allow you to document all your coins, purchases and sales. Probably the best known and most used tool is the website Coinmarketcap. Here you can not only track the charts of all your coins, but also your private portfolio. However, there are other offers as well, which we would like to point out briefly here.

Top Portfolio Manager Websites

  1. Coinmarketcap
  2. Coingecko
  3. Coinstats
  4. Ledger
  5. Cryptoview
  6. Delta

Editors Pick – Delta

Etorro’s Delta app is our favorite for tracking a portfolio. The big advantage of the app is that you can include regular stocks and commodities in your portfolio in addition to cryptos. The app can also be connected to wallets and wallets, so that the update is fully automatic. Despite its many functions, the app is still relatively intuitive to use and free of charge.

Blockchain Explorer

To track transactions on a blockchain, there are so-called blockchain explorers. For each cryptocurrency there are one or more explorers on which all transactions on the respective blockchain can be tracked live.

Top Blockchain Explorer

  2. Blockcypher
  3. CoinMarketCap
  4. Ethscan
  5. Blockchair

Editors Pick – Blockchair

Blockchair offers the possibility to search 22 different blockchains for transactions. Besides the Blockchain Explorer, Blockchair also offers a variety of other services.

Other Crypto Websites you need to know


CoinmarketCal is a website where you can find information about future events and happenings in the crypto space. You can find information about new listings, halving-events, chain forks, airdrops, ICOs and much more.


Taxbit is a great tool for all crypto traders from the US. With Taxbit you can automate your cryptocurrency tax forms for free.


As you can see, there are quite a few different websites for cryptocurrencies. It is sometimes difficult to find the right website for your needs. But don’t worry, WAYBETTERTRADE is here to help you. On our website you will find the most important information about bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. Our trading signals will also help you stay on top of things while trading. Start trading successfully today with WAYBETTERTRADE.

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