Achieve more together

On WAYBETTERTRADE you will not only get excellent signals. You can also actively exchange with other members of our community. Besides weekly Zoom meetings, we have private Telegram groups. If you are an experienced trader yourself, or have a knack for writing blog posts, you can also actively participate in the further creation of content on WAYBETTERTRADE.

Live Meet-Ups

We want to strengthen the togetherness in trading. Exchange of experience and transparency are very important to us. Therefore, there is a Video Call every second Sunday in which every WBT member can participate.

You have something on your mind or direct questions for us? Send them to us in advance and we will answer them in the call.

Telegram Group

In our Telegram groups, all members can exchange information with each other and establish direct contact with the team.

Also, the signals are automatically posted in the respective Telegram group.

Community Posts

We want our community to have the opportunity to contribute content as well.

Therefore, there is an opportunity for each member to submit a contribution and share it with the other participants.

As a reward, the best entries will receive a free PRO subscription worth $50.